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Slika žene koja radi u pivovari s natpisom " Nominiraj naj Neposlušnu 2022. godiine"

Contest – THE DISOBEDIENT OF 2022!

We all know at least one of those women that don’t take no for an answer, do things on their own, are righteous, honest, always on the side of the weaker.

This year is our first contest for THE Disobedient of the year. We decided to reward one such woman with honors in the “disobedient club” – a diploma and a picture on our brewery wall, and a bunch of beer and merch by Brlog.

The Disobedient contest is a word play from Croatian name of our beer Neposlušna.

The contest is about a disobedient, rebellious, unwavering fighter from the neighbourhood, office, from TV or anywhere. It may or may not be a famous person.

We want you to nominate them so we can gather them, get to know them, to reward one of them every year. Send us your nominations by e-mail to or comment on the Facebook post.

We need a name, a photo and a very short description of why you are nominating her. And how do we get in touch with that person, of course 🙂

We accept nominations until Valentine’s Day, after which the choice is narrowed down by our cooperative members and we’ll put that choice to the public vote. The winner receives valuable prizes from our brewery + picture on the wall of the “disobedient club” and eternal fame.

To help you our with nominations, you can be inspired by these 4 categories, and of course – by the Brlog values (trust, optimism and social responsibility):

1) Disobedient who helps other women

2) Disobedient who takes care of children’s rights

3) Disobedient who cares about the environment

4) Disobedient who does things differently




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