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People who think like us (about beer and life) are always welcome! The more of us, the stronger we are. We know it because we started as a couple, then grew to 15, then to 90+ members and, “who would have thought” – we really are stronger and we can do so much more now! 

If you are into our cooperative spirit and you think that Brlog could be the right place for you, but you don’t know how to start with all that – well, this is the beginning.


Our vision is – to be an independent and socially-engaged cooperative brewery, owned by cooperative members, a place for networking, culture, high quality food and drinks from the portfolio of our members.

It is a big step, but we can do it because #passion is on our side – and optimism and stubbornness and patience and perfectionism and youth. A little bit of everything!



You know the feeling when you are not alone in anything you do? 

At Brlog, we find this very important and being such a large Community helps greatly. Our employees and cooperative members got here following the same principles. We are aware that no one has ever done anything alone, and we appreciate and trust people.


We also know that it is easier to be brave when you are an optimist and similar people tend to find each other…, hence we’ve got ourselves a happy place Brlog with contagious positivity. We are here, waiting for more like-minded souls to come along.


“We” before “I”. With our approach to production, business, design and financing, we always strive to break down social and economic prejudices and create a culture of cooperation and solidarity.


Brlog is a cooperative which is so well done, so healthy and smartly organized, with true courage and conviction, with good humor and positive spirit. It is a true example of good business for 21ct.

I really enjoyed cooperative Zoom meetings, it was the first time I felt there was a purpose to what we are doing. It wasn't just another Zoom meeting.


I was reading your story in daily papers and I was absolutely thrilled, you left me speechless, which does not happen often!


Thank you for your hospitality and great company! We are very proud of you, and all you did so far!

Congratulations for all of the good work done so far! Especially for total transparency in doing business and reporting. You are a role-model to all other cooperatives!


We are very proud of you and everything you have done so far!


Brlog is the best investment! It has potential, I am really sorry I did not invest more.

Jadran P.

You and your team are incredible! So much new and promising for the future! Keep it up, bravo!

Stjepan Car

I was thrilled with the energy you created with this cooperative. How to become a member? I hope I can support you in some way!


Dear Ana, the TV report about Brlog was just great! You really explained what cooperative is about in a simple and relaxed manner. I’m so proud to be a part of this cooperative!

Andreja Rosandić


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