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gloglo premieres in Brlog: self-service tap

This weekend, the innovation by Petar Vlahović, a member of the cooperative brewery Brlog, was tested in front of the audience for the first time. It premiered on Friday, June 3, 2022. in Brlog craft bar & shop and now is ready to conquer the world market.

The prototype was put into operation under the watchful eye of the creator and we can say that it withstood all pressures. The crowd was thirsty and curious, and gloglo more than happy to meet their demands.

gloglo will pour you the perfect measure of your favorite beer – these are of course Plavuša and Neposlušna 🙂

To make things even more interesting the machine is completely autonomous, it has it’s own internet connection and built in payment system. You can use your card / mobile phone, whatever you already use to pay and voilà, you can pour yourself a beer!

The great thing is that the device uses a real bear tap, you pour it yourself instead of the device, so it puts the person in bartender role for additional experience.

In addition, the owner brings it, unloads it, assembles it and puts it into operation. We are left with only wonder and admiration.

We have to congratulate Peter for his dedication and hard work and now that we have seen the gloglo in action we can say with certainty that a bright future awaits!

You can find more about the startup at

Stop by our craft beer bar to try it out!

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