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New beer – Vienna lager + help for Ukraine

During this last Winter, more precisely in the darkness and cold of month of December, we were making plans for some warmer and brighter days.

We came up with the idea to make lager – more smooth and light-tasting style of beer than what we normally do. Spring has arrived, but not as light and bright as we expected.

Unfortunately, everything that is going on is making us take action to do what we can, to make the future at least a little brighter for those affected with the war in Ukraine.

We have decided to donate a part of the proceeds from the sale of Vienna Lager beer. Brlog will donate 1kn for each Vienna Lager bottle sold from 23.3.2022 to 23.4.2022 that will go towards Solidarity Foundation to help Ukrainian citizens in Croatia.


Why Vienna lager?

As we said at the beginning, lagers are generally lighter beers, milder in taste than ale. Thus was born the idea to try the style of beer for Spring and Summer, which will follow the weather forecast and give us the pleasure of drinking beer during sunny Spring.

We were attracted by the fact that Vienna still has a richer taste than other lager styles, or as our brewery team would say – “there is less water.” 🙂

When we got the invitation for The ultimate BRAU – Bierfestival in Vienna we said that’s was the sign!

How did the Vienna lager beer style come about?

You guessed it, it has to do with Austria and Vienna.

The story goes like this, in the early 1800s, Anton Dreher inherited a brewery and barley fields from his father. As part of his education, he visited numerous breweries across Europe, including those in England.


There he learned a new technique of malt processing. By the 1800s malt was roasted directly over a fire which would result in a very strong toasted, sometimes smoky aroma. The English set out to experiment with a technique in which malt is roasted using hot air. This would give a lighter colour and the aroma itself would be more delicate.


Dreher experimented with English technique and amber malt and obtained an coloured malt that had a slightly caramelised aroma. He called it Vienna malt, combined it with bottom-fermenting yeast and got a red-coloured beer.
Vienna lager as a style has survived to this day so it was brought to Mexico by brewers after the First World War and later as a style held in America after Prohibition.

We really liked the style because of its caramel and fruity taste in which the note of the crust of bread is felt. We could hardly wait for him, because he stored us for four months in fermenters – now he is ready, so come on people!

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