Plavuša beer - Brlog brewery

Plavuša beer

Our best selling beer. First born in the family <3

It’s a recipe created on the apartment’s balcony where we first learned how to (home) brew. We even got expelled from the rented apartment for who-knows-what-they’re-up-to balcony experiments.. The whole cooperative and the brewery were built around this one recipe and beer personality. 🙂 Its name and visuals represent courage, strength and authenticity. #beeyourself


More about personality: Plavuša, a.k.a. Blonde. Approachable, for folks that taste craft beer for the first time. The best friend. The one that knows everything about you, but still loves you and she’s always there for you, trustworthy and stable. 


American blonde ale, 5% alk., 25 IBU. No preservatives. Unfiltered.

Gentle and playful beer character, great for pleasant socialising.


Pairing: with pasta, white meat, young cheeses or soft greasy cheeses, as well as dishes based on vegetables or tofu. The perfect aperitif.


Flavours: dominant flavours are citrus and elderberry, medium bodied,  with some grain and freshly baked bread notes.

Kušanje i sparivanje:

Nježno i zaigrano pivo, odlično za ugodno druženje i sparivanje s pastom, bijelim mesom, mladim sirevima ili mekim masnijim sirevima, kao i jelima baziranim na povrću ili tofu-u.