Small batch #2 - MARČANO - Brlog brewery

Small batch #2 – Marčano

Marčano is a very freestyle Dalmatian translation of a popular German Märzen bier. Marčana bura is the name of the wind which, according to locals, when blown three times during March, represents a good summer season to come. 


It is a typical “lager” type of beer, with a long history. Usually, it was brewed as a last beer for the season, before the warm weather comes. So Autumn was the last time to drink as later it was cold enough to make new batches (and it was handy to empty containers from last winter leftover beer..). 


That’s why Octoberfest was so popular and they served Märzen bier until 1990. 


Our Märzen bier is a slightly stronger Amber lager, which we supplemented with a generous handful of modern Styrian hops.


Lager beer, containing 6% alcohol, has moderate to pronounced bitterness. Malt and bread aromas are supported by floral and grassy Styrian hops. Full body, medium carbonated and very drinkable.


Availability: April 2021.


Perfect with main dish containing meat or sausages.