Small batch #7 - LEMON GRASS SOUR - Brlog brewery

Small batch #7 – LEMON GRASS SOUR

Small batch #7 is yet another beer based upon a story… 🙂 

Once upon a time, before we even had a brewery, we bumped into a certain “Mr. Božo” from Sukošan (close to Zadar). He told us that he was the only producer of lemongrass in Croatia. As such, he offered to collaborate by providing local lemongrass for our beer, but we couldn’t offer anything more than 20 litres to do the experiment.


It took us 5 (five) years to come to an opportunity to make something like this, as we finally got some spare capacity for experiments! So Božo, lemongrass, Zadar and Brlog finish the story <3


The beer is sour, and the acidity is provided by addition of lactic acid bacteria. Lemongrass is added during fermentation to improve aroma so in the end it reminds us of those spicy, citrus, herbal aromas ideal for hot Zadar summers!


Light and mild alcohol, with a wheat profile, 0.5 L.


The illustrations on our #small batch labels were created in collaboration with the authors. Anđela Rončević is responsible for Small batch # 7 Lemon grass sour.


American hops further emphasise the yeast notes of papaya, sweet orange and spices. 0.5 L.