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Baltic porter beer 0.3L


Thick beer of a rich body. Dark brown with a ruby ​​sheen. Medium-low carbonization. For slow beer drinking and long-lasting enjoyment. Contains a powerful 10% Alc., 35 IBU.

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Baltic porter was created as a response to dark beers being imported from the West. The style eventually became lager fermented and deeply rooted in Poland, where these beers are treated as a national heritage of beer culture.

Brlog, like always, has a story behind it all. This porter was prepared by Lukasz, a Polish brewer with a permanent address in Zadar. He moved here in 2019 and ever since then has been waiting for a moment to share this perfectly matured beer that actually connects his roots with his new home.

A complex malty aroma is similar to imperial stouts with a less pronounced character of roasted malts. Aromas of dark and dried fruit, caramel and chocolate truffles, with hints of liquorice and porto wine. Sweet, with traditional hops and warm alcohol.

It’s a thick beer with a rich body. Dark brown colour with ruby reflection. Medium-low carbonization.

For slow beer drinking at room temperature and long-lasting enjoyment. 10% Alc., 35-40 IBU.

The illustrations on our #small batch labels were created in collaboration with the authors. Anđela Rončević is responsible for Small batch # 9 Baltic porter.

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