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Belgian tripel beer 0.5L


Small batch# 13: Belgian tripel, 8,5% alc.

Lucky No.13!
We present our thirteenth small batch – a traditional monastery ale of the beer superpower of Belgium.

Based on the strong influence of yeast and its spicy aromas, it is known for its strength, alcohol and ease of drinking. In the past it was highly valued by the Trappist monks. Today it’s a must to connoisseurs bored with all those hops and IPA’s…

Ingredients: water, barley malt, suggar, hops, yeast.

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Small batch# 13: Belgian tripel, 8,5% alc.

We have lined up a lot of traditional styles of beer this winter – Baltic, Vienna lager and now there is Tripel. From a southern perspective – these are all northern beers that are good for ageing. Connoisseurs and those who had enough hoppy beers of craft beer scene will enjoy this Tripel.

While we try not to stick strictly within beer styles, this one is pretty much in line with traditional Belgian tripel rules.
Yeasts brought up fermentation aromas like black pepper, apricot and banana. Decent dose of malt thickens the body and improves a felling of maltiness. Quite dry, with high alcohol – not predominant in aroma.
Chill well for better drinkability!

Illustrations on our #small batch labels were created in collaboration with the authors. The credit for Small batch # 13 Belgian Tripel goes to Petra Divković. You can find out more about the author on her Instagram profile.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, suggar, hops, yeast.


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