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Pošip saison beer 0.5L


Majstorica #23: Pošip saison 6.4% alc.


Classic Saison with the addition of Pošip must, a white grape variety from Korčula. Spicy, fruity, a bit more carbonized. A play of wine and beer flavors in a gentle and refreshing edition.


Ingredients: water, barley malt, pošip grape, hops, yeast.

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Majstorica #23: Pošip saison, 6.4% alc.


Saison (read: season) is a classic Belgian beer style. This style is characterized by fruity and spicy aromas, stronger carbonation (carbonation) and a dry finish.
Pošip is a Dalmatian grape variety that produces excellent wines, it is among the most valued white wines in Croatia. It is believed to be the original from Korčula! The wines themselves are usually thick, golden yellow and full of flavors characteristic of dried apricots and figs.

Pošip saison – beer with pošip must from the Zadar hinterland (macerated one evening), which was added in a whirlpool (just after brewing). The wort from Carahell and Munich malts was fermented with the must with the baton of Saison yeast (ale yeast) up to a pleasant 6.4% alcohol.


This hoppy combination complements the saison beer’s natural spiciness and enhances its fruity notes, without overpowering either of those sides. The beer is refreshing, golden in color and lively sparkling. The aroma has gentle fruity and spicy notes, slightly citrusy, tropical and with a hint of white pepper. The taste also has balanced fruitiness and spiciness, balanced sweetness, the finish is dry, pleasant and long-lasting.

The illustrations on our #small batch labels were created in collaboration with the authors. Petra Ružić is responsible for the Majstorica #23 Pošip saison. You can find out more about the author on her Instagram profile.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, sprinkles of grapes, hops, yeast.

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